The Modern Data Discovery and Integration Layer
for the Enterprise Data Fabric

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Big Data Fabric 2.0 Drives Data Democratization

Make a Big Data Fabric Part of Your Strategy

A Semantic Layer and graph engine are key to ingesting, integrating, curating and securing data insights

The Story of the Data Fabric

Shattering the Limits of Data Warehouses, Data Management and Data Discovery Tools

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Anzo Empowers the Enterprise Data Fabric to:

  1. Build Blended Data Sets and Data Products

    Anzo increases the business context and analytic impact of enterprise data by integrating it into blended analytic-ready data sets delivered through a graph data model. These Data Products deliver immediate access to all related information for maximal value and flexibility in analytics.

  2. Accelerate Data Delivery

    Anzo accelerates delivery of data sets from months to days by giving the business self-service on-demand access to curated analytics-ready data. These data products, described with semantic models, make the data transparent and easy to work with for all business users.

  3. Make AI and ML Core to Your Data Strategy

    Anzo uses AI approaches to infuse the discovery and integration process with automation. Active metadata assists users in data onboarding and blending, thereby reducing or eliminating repetitive manual steps. Anzo amplifies the impact of your AI initiatives by accelerating the delivery of robust, feature-rich training data sets.

Anzo is a modern data discovery and integration platform that lets anyone find, connect and blend any enterprise data into analytics-ready datasets.


Catalog your data sources in a universal semantic format


Integrate data sources based on common business meaning


Blended data products on a self-serve basis


Analyze data on-demand in real time

“Cambridge Semantics does something that is both unique and extremely powerful – it provides customers with a fully integrated semantic development pipeline for providing meaningful, consistent and trusted data analytics."

- Former Technology Managing Director Credit-Suisse

"In a process that would normally be measured in months, we ingested and linked several trillion pieces of information from a dozen unique sources in one day."

- PwC

"The big data sources have been ingested by Anzo and mapped to create a semantic data lake environment. Dashboards constructed to exploit this data can query and provide visualizations to the collective data in real time, a feat we cannot accomplish in our current data environment."

- VP of Translational Informatics

“Semantic approaches are coming of age and providing the data context to enable insight that drives business executives toward meaningful action. Executed at enterprise scale across the best data lake and data fabric strategies is the future of the enterprise information fabric.”

- Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst - Forrester Research

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