Accelerate Digital Transformation and Growth

with an Enterprise Data Fabric built on

Anzo applies a Semantic Layer and Enterprise Knowledge Graph
to your existing data infrastructure and cloud investments to
enable modern data management, ML and AI initiatives


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An end to end, fully integrated, highly customizable, and governed approach that empowers IT departments and business users to flexibly manage, explore and analyze all of their enterprise data assets.

Automated Ingestion & Mapping

Rapidly load data from anywhere, in any format.

Data Cataloging

Secure, organize and govern all your data.

AnzoGraph™ - In-Memory Knowledge Graphs

Context and meaning at unprecedented scale

Hi-Res Analytics

Prepare explore and analyze all of your connected data at enterprise scale

Why Graph?

  1. Graph databases are going mainstream.

    With the release of Microsoft's Azure Cosmos DB and Amazon's Neptune, graph databases are no longer seen as the exotic data repositories they once were.

  2. Graph technology is a proven approach.

    Historically graph databases were used to define the relationships of a small number of data points, but today they can harmonize and connect data across a vast number of data sources.

  3. Digital transformation of complex data requires graph.

    For science-driven businesses, graph technology's ability to harmonize and query both structured and unstructured data is vital to their digital transformation.

Our Results


Faster Processing of Diverse Data at Scale.
Trillion -Triples Benchmarking Study.

One Day

Ingested and linked several trillion pieces of information from a dozen unique data sources.


The level of query skills required by end users to self-serve data from Anzo Smart Data Lake 4.0

"In a process that would normally be measured in months, we ingested and linked several trillion pieces of information from a dozen unique sources in one day."

- PwC

“Cambridge Semantics does something that is both unique and extremely powerful – it provides customers with a fully integrated semantic development pipeline for providing meaningful, consistent and trusted data analytics."

- Former Technology Managing Director Credit-Suisse

"The big data sources have been ingested by Anzo and mapped to create a semantic data lake environment. Dashboards constructed to exploit this data can query and provide visualizations to the collective data in real time, a feat we cannot accomplish in our current data environment."

- VP of Translational Informatics

“Semantic approaches are coming of age and providing the data context to enable insight that drives business executives toward meaningful action. Executed at enterprise scale across the best data lake and data fabric strategies is the future of the enterprise information fabric.”

- Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst - Forrester Research


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