On-demand Webinar: Modern Data Discovery and Integration in Retail Banking

Modern Data Discovery and Integration in Retail Banking

Originally aired June 13, 2019, 2:00 pm ET

Barbara Petrocelli, Vice President of Strategy and Pre-sales

Greg West, Senior Pre-Sales Engineer

credit cardRetail banks are moving beyond the data warehouse and data lake and are now implementing data fabric architectures to address data discovery and integration challenges.

Dynamic use cases, including Customer 360, Product Recommendation and Fraud, require a new approach to self-service, on-demand access to analytics-ready data.

By including a data discovery and integration layer based on semantic and graph technology, the data fabric can make vast collections of enterprise data from diverse, siloed source systems available to the business for integration as highly blended analytics-ready datasets.

This recorded webinar will explore the role of the data discovery and integration layer in a data fabric with special focus on:

  1. Evolution from data warehouse to data fabric
  2. Semantics and graph data models in data fabric
  3. Example use cases in retail banks and B2C financial services
  4. How to get started

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