Anzo provides the future-proof data integration, interoperability and intelligence essential to support such vital new Industry 4.0 initiatives as Internet of Things (IoT), smart manufacturing, connected enterprise, Digital Twin and Digital Thread.

Anzo uses semantics and the graph data model to transform and blend data drawn from your myriad data sources and types – structured and unstructured, real-time and historical, internal and external – at massive scale and speed. Users and applications explore and access unified, analytics-ready data assets on a self-service, on-demand basis.

Unlike traditional data integration tools, Anzo expects change, so new data sources can be integrated on the fly, without the intensive manual rework required by relational data models and ETL products.


On-Demand Webinar

“The Future of IoT: Semantics and Graph”

Operationalizing the Internet of Things requires integrating IoT data with other key enterprise data and systems. Doing so requires new, future-proof data integration, made possible by semantics and graph technology, as explained in this webinar.

With Anzo You Can:

Operationalize the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Integrate real time sensor and machine data with other sources for applications such as advanced analytics, predictive maintenance and AI/ML

Transform Manufacturing Processes

Maximize data-driven efficiencies and automation, fully leveraging key technologies such as Digital Twin and Digital Thread

Optimize Supply Chains & Logistics

Analyze and act based on a complete picture of your supply chain, drawn from real-time data, historical supplier performance, global risk assessments and more

Establish 360-degree View of the Customer

Integrate customer data drawn from diverse and complex sources to help anticipate customer needs, personalize service and expand customer relationships


  1. The End of Data ETL is the Beginning of the IoT

    Ad-hoc ETL integrations have drained the enterprise of valuable resources for too long. This article will inform you how semantic and graph-powered enterprise platforms provide modern, future-proof data integration that decrease time and resources for integration and enable new IoT opportunities in ways legacy ETL tools simply cannot offer.

  2. Anzo for Manufacturing/Industry 4.0 Solution Sheet

    Anzo is the software platform that provides the data discovery and integration layer critical for Industry 4.0 success, by empowering users to find and understand data drawn from your organization’s entire data landscape, on demand.

  3. Anzo for Oil & Gas Solution Sheet

    Discover how the Anzo data discovery and integration platform was designed from the ground up to fulfill the complex informational challenges facing oil and gas firms today.