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The most successful banks, brokerages and insurance companies will outperform their competitors in key areas as personalized customer service (customer 360°), improved business operations, fraud detection and compliance. Doing so requires working with vital data buried in a wide array of disconnected silos – databases, documents, emails, call center logs and many more.

There are far too many sources and way too much volume to manually connect all the dots that reveal hidden insights and answer critical questions in real time. Anzo solves this critical challenge for some of the world’s largest financial services firms.

Anzo is a modern data discovery and integration platform that integrates and transforms your disparate data sources – structured and unstructured alike – into blended analytics-ready datasets to successfully engage customers, optimize business processes and establish strong regulatory compliance processes.

Based on semantic and graph technology, goes far beyond the traditional data warehouse to enable a new data fabric architecture that enables true self-service, on-demand access to analytics-ready data drawn from all relevant sources, structured and unstructured alike, at massive speed and scale.


“Leveraging Semantic Technology to Tame the Enterprise Data Storm”

This whitepaper describes the business and regulatory drivers that are forcing financial services organizations to implement strategic, enterprise-wide data initiatives. It examines why the legacy approaches to data management that have resulted in the current fragmented and loosely governed data architectures are not appropriate for these initiatives, and describes a new approach – one that combines organizational structure, a common lingua franca, and a technology architecture based on semantic technology, that combines a top down organizational approach with a bottom up implementation methodology to generate near-term ROI while incrementally enabling a strategic, comprehensive enterprise-wide data initiative.

With Anzo You Can:

Know Your Customer

While adhering to regulatory requirements, Anzo provides a flexible infrastructure that seamlessly connects all your customer information. Armed with this data, you’ll be ready to productively and legitimately meet your customer’s needs.

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Enable Compliance Policy Management

The needs of regulators, executives, and compliance officers are often unanticipated. Anzo will prepare you with the tools necessary to quickly automate, systematize, and integrate existing compliance data and processes for updated regulations.

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Conduct Insider Trading Surveillance

Anzo can help compliance officers investigate compliance violations by linking and aggregating account activities, web logs, email and phone archives, IM communications, and other sources.

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Optimize Insurance Operations

Insurers are aggressively expanding their use of enterprise data to fuel digital transformation and analytic-based innovation. Anzo makes such vital efforts successful by providing an agile, scalable platform to discover and integrate diverse data into analytics-ready data sets on demand.

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