Market Leading Graph Analytics Database for Analytics & ML

BI-style Analytics + Graph Algorithms + Inferencing at Hyper-fast Performance and Big Data Scale

AnzoGraph Datasheet
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AnzoGraph is a native, Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) distributed Graph OLAP (GOLAP) database, providing hyperfast advanced analytics at Big Data scale.

  • Same enterprise graph database embedded within Anzo®, in production at leading global organizations
  • Executes queries more than one hundred times faster than other leading vendors
  • Available on a standalone basis for use behind the firewall and in the cloud

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Hyper-fast time-to-insight


All-in-one data warehouse analytics + graph analytics using semantic graphs and labeled property graphs

Record-shattering performance


Loads, updates, queries and analyzes huge amounts of data at speeds up to 100x faster than graph transaction-oriented databases

Massive scalability


Shared-nothing architecture for superior horizontal scalability and super-fast queries; high-density memory utilization for super-fast data loads

Analytic dev tools


Supports graph data views (virtual and materialized), named queries, inferencing and more; automatically generates query code; utilizes rich library of over 100 Excel-style functions and aggregations

Built on open standards


Uses W3C RDF/SPARQL plus extensions with full support of labeled property graphs; no proprietary languages to learn

Key Benefits

AnzoGraph Is the Most Flexible and Agile Graph Database Available Today

Standards-based: Tap into a vast network of available products, for data preparation, graph transaction processing, graph visualization, BI, Analytics and Machine Learning that support the standard Graph API’s, query languages and data models supported by AnzoGraph.

  • Storage: Virtually unlimited storage of Graph data in S3/HDFS/NFS
  • Fast Loading: AnzoGraph smashed previous records by more than 110x
  • Distributed: Scales with your needs by distributing graph and query processing over cluster nodes
  • Proven: AnzoGraph, embedded within the Anzo® platform, is deployed by leading Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries


AnzoGraph's Record-Setting Results

AnzoGraph completed a load and query of one trillion (1012) triples running the Lehigh University Benchmark on the Google Cloud Platform in just under two hours, 100 times faster than any previous solution at the same data scale.

  • 587 billion triples loaded in 29 minutes and 24 seconds (total load time)
  • 478 billion triples created in 1 hour 16 minutes and 14 seconds (total inference time)
  • Query execution in 14 minutes (total query execution time)
  • Total triples (load and infer) 1.065 trillion triples
  • Total time for loading and querying 1.98 hours (111x faster than prior benchmark)

View our Trillion Triples Benchmark Study


Select Customers and Awards

AnzoGraph Earns Customers and Market Recognition

AnzoGraph History

Built by the Engineers Behind Netezza and the Technology Behind Amazon Redshift

  • Under development since 2011, the underlying technology is a third generation data analytics engine built by the engineers who built Netezza and with the technology behind Amazon Redshift
  • AnzoGraph is deployed at Fortune 100 companies as part of Anzo
  • Standards based, using W3C SPARQL with extensions

AnzoGraph Time to Value Differentiators

Scientific Data Discovery

AnzoGraph enables scientists at leading biopharma organizations to accelerate vital new research discoveries at the speed of thought:
  • Researchers flexibly search, navigate, correlate & analyze all scientific data assets spanning siloed repositories
  • Researchers freely “pivot” their analytics to ask new, ad hoc questions, without being limited by rigid database schemas
  • A leading biopharma firm found its AnzoGraph-powered analytics query performance was up to 250x faster than the graph database previously used

Anti-Fraud & Money Laundering

A Big Four accounting firm uses AnzoGraph to help detect fraudulent trading patterns and transactions in real time:
  • AnzoGraph is being used to semantically identify & understand the intricate relationships between entities and transactions, including the many individuals and organizations involved with those transactions
  • AnzoGraph reveals aberrant trading patterns and new transactions highly likely to be fraudulent in real time

360° View of the Customer

AnzoGraph enables a truly complete 360-degree view of each customer with a new, added dimension of aggregated analytics:
  • Gain new insight into each customer’s likes and dislikes in relation to other customers with similar location, similar demographics, etc.
  • Discover new correlations between customers with inferencing, for more personalized and engaging customer experiences
  • Enable highly effective targeted customer marketing offers and loyalty programs geared to increase customer loyalty and “share of wallet”