AnzoGraph® DB

Build Your Solutions on a Fast, Scalable Database

Take on new analytical challenges with AnzoGraph DB, a market-leading graph analytics database.

Like all databases, graph databases store facts, but they also keep track of how those facts are connected. Leverage the power of AnzoGraph DB analytics to not only perform BI-style analytics, but to go further with knowledge graphs, graph algorithms, inferencing and more. AnzoGraph DB delivers on this broadened set of analytical capability, delivered at unparalleled speed and scale.

What is Anzograph DB?

AnzoGraph DB is a Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) native graph database built for analytics at scale (trillions of triples and more), speed and deep link insights. Use it for embedded analytics that require graph algorithms, graph views, named queries, aggregates, built-in data science functions, data warehouse-style BI and reporting functions.

Why Is AnzoGraph Different?

Record-shattering performance

Built for Analytics

Unique Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) database engine, making it well-suited for deep analysis of small and large data sets.
Complement your OLTP graph database engine with OLAP.

Massive scalability

Massively Parallel

The fastest data loading and analytics capability.
Highly parallelized and horizontally scalable.
Scales to trillions of triples, making analysis on even massive data sets possible.

Analytic dev tools


Supports W3C standards (RDF & SPARQL) and Labelled Property Graphs (LPG).
Access a variety of NLP, visualization, and analytics partners supporting these standards.

Built on open standards


Semantic context with labelled properties to execute rich analytics graph algorithms and BI-style analytics.
Perform inferencing, quadstore mode, views, user-defined extensions and much more.

Or, get the AnzoGraph Datasheet to learn more!

Built for developers by the engineers who founded Netezza and the technology behind AWS Redshift.

Key Benefits

Ease & Value of Graph with Performance Comparable to a Best-in-class Relational Databases

  • Functionality – Traditional BI analytics to data science, graph algorithms & beyond!
  • Performance – Market leading load and query speeds!
  • Affordability – Fraction of the cost of other graph databases with operating efficiency of commodity servers behind the firewall or the cloud with scale-up/scale-down on demand
  • No Vendor Lock-in – Based on open industry standards
  • Vast Network of Complementary Products

Awarded Highest Rating for Analytics Processing Environments in the Graph Database Market Update Report by Bloor Research.
View the Bloor Graph Database Update 2019


The Fastest and Most Scalable Graph Database

  • LUBM Benchmarking– 110 times faster than any previous results
  • TPC-H (GHIB) Benchmarking – 217 times faster than a leading OLTP solution for load and analysis
  • Graph 500 Benchmarking – Load 41.6 million vertices and 1.47 billion edges in 4 ½ Minutes

Download benchmarking reports:
View our “Trillion Triples Benchmark Study”
View our “AnzoGraph Benchmarks Whitepaper”
View the article “Comparing Linked Data Triplestores”

Select Customers and Awards

AnzoGraph Earns Customers and Market Recognition

All-in-One Analytics

No Need for Multiple Analytics Databases for Your Analytics Needs

  • Graph Algorithms: PageRank, Connected Components, Triangle Counting & Clustering Coefficient, Shortest Path, Label Propagation and more!
  • Data Warehouse-style BI Analytics: Window Aggregates, Conditional Expression, 100+ Excel-type built-in functions, Advanced Grouping Sets and more!
  • Built-in Data Science Functions: Logarithmic (Series) Distribution, Normal Distributions, Geometric Mean Metric and more!
  • Inferencing: Support RFDS+
  • With support for Named Views and Named Queries

AnzoGraph Time to Value Differentiators

Scientific Data Discovery

AnzoGraph enables scientists at leading biopharma organizations to accelerate vital new research discoveries at the speed of thought:
  • Researchers flexibly search, navigate, correlate & analyze all scientific data assets spanning siloed repositories
  • Researchers freely “pivot” their analytics to ask new, ad hoc questions, without being limited by rigid database schemas
  • A leading biopharma firm found its AnzoGraph-powered analytics query performance was up to 250x faster than the graph database previously used

Anti-Fraud & Money Laundering

A Big Four accounting firm uses AnzoGraph to help detect fraudulent trading patterns and transactions in real time:
  • AnzoGraph is being used to semantically identify & understand the intricate relationships between entities and transactions, including the many individuals and organizations involved with those transactions
  • AnzoGraph reveals aberrant trading patterns and new transactions highly likely to be fraudulent in real time

360° View of the Customer

AnzoGraph enables a truly complete 360-degree view of each customer with a new, added dimension of aggregated analytics:
  • Gain new insight into each customer’s likes and dislikes in relation to other customers with similar location, similar demographics, etc.
  • Discover new correlations between customers with inferencing, for more personalized and engaging customer experiences
  • Enable highly effective targeted customer marketing offers and loyalty programs geared to increase customer loyalty and “share of wallet”

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