A Semantic Layer for the Enterprise. Enabling Connected Data Access and Analytics on Demand.

Until now, no technology has been able to deliver a Semantic Layer at enterprise scale – with security, governance and accessibility. Finally there is a production technology with the breadth of functionality and performance to make it not only possible – but practical – for organizations to truly treat enterprise data as an asset. Use Anzo to take the first step towards a fully connected Enterprise Data Fabric.


Automated Ingestion & Mapping

Rapidly load data from anywhere, in any format, at any time

Anzo connects to both internal and external data sources – including cloud or on-premise data lakes – to rapidly ingest large volumes of structured and unstructured data through horizontally scaled, automated ETL processes that can be mapped to establish a Semantic Layer of business meaning…


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Data Cataloging

Secure, organize and govern all your data

Anzo provides a newer, smarter approach to the data catalog by leveraging graph models encoding a Semantic Layer that describes the data in business context, while capturing all types of disparate data required, spanning all enterprise data sources and data sets.


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In-Memory Knowledge Graphs - Context and meaning at unprecedented scale

Cambridge Semantics leads the market in connected data analytics on Enterprise Knowledge Graphs. Our breakthrough AnzoGraph™  is the most advanced of its kind – performing complex ad-hoc, OLAP interactive and batch queries at connected data scales and performance levels that our competition simply cannot match.


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Data Layers

Just like Photoshop for your data

Users add Data Layers containing multi-dimensional graph data sets to their Graphmarts for data cleansing, transformation, semantic model alignment, relationship linking, and access control. Data Layers are used to dynamically enhance data in an iterative manner to drive continuous improvement of data richness, quality and connectivity.


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Hi-Res Analytics

Conduct analysis and exploration across all of your connected data, independent of IT

Anzo’s Hi-Res Analytics provides an interactive and intuitive exploratory experience that allows citizen data scientists, business users and analysts self-service access to even the most complicated data and to receive real-time answers to ad-hoc questions, unaided by IT, without query language skills.


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Our accelerated insight and time to value differentiators

Semantic Layer and Graph Foundation

Semantic Layer and graph models offer an inherent flexibility, pushing the modeling, integration and analytics decisions closer to the end-user, reducing time to value in dynamic business environments.

In-Memory Speed/Scale

Anzo has horizontally scalable ingestion and query capabilities that channel the power of cloud computing into accelerating value.

On Demand Data Access & Analytics

Anzo’s Discovery and Analytics tools make it fast and easy to explore and analyze all of your data, including using your own tool sets and unstructured data.

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