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Our Values


When we treat our teams with trust, we get the same trust in return.


Our flat hierarchy calls for open discussion and widespread buy-in for decision making.


We have frequent company-wide updates that allow all team members to hear the good news and the bad news.


Our flexibility on work hours and location allow for employees to define their own work-life balance.

Who Are We?

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We succeed in what we do because of our deeply collaborative and proactive culture. Our best work comes from glimpsing the possibilities in the integration of diverse ideas and iteratively executing on them. Additionally, we avoid a culture of micromanagement and we expect each team member to take initiative and to be a self-starter. This approach helps us find innovative answers to address our customers’ needs, and creates deep, lasting relationships with customers and colleagues alike. These relationships are what make CSI such a great place to work.


"Working at CSI is fun, dynamic, and challenging. No two days are the same, and I learn something new by the hour, not just because the CSI solutions are complex but because the semantic web concepts and problems that the products solve are complex, interesting, and applicable to our virtual lives."

- Erin, Documentation Lead

"I really enjoy working at CSI as a whole, but certain aspects about working here have been huge pluses. Everybody here knows each other's names, and it isn't just an "I work with them" relationship - we're all friends here; even our CEO makes me feel like an old friend."

- Andrew, Financial Analyst / Accountant

"I joined CSI because of my passion for applying cutting-edge technology to markets needing technology advancements, and Anzo Smart Data Lake was an obvious fit for Government."

- Steve, Managing Director, Government Sales

"My favorite thing about the culture at Cambridge Semantics is the trust we put into our people to take ownership of their work and time. Our management is very hands-off, and each team member is expected to take initiative and move forward with minimal micro-managing."

- Lexi, People & Culture Coordinator

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