Anzo Technology Overview

Anzo is an open platform and set of tools for building and deploying Unified Information Access (UIA) solutions. Anzo solutions are tailored to specific business purposes, focus on end-user self-service, deal with any data from anywhere, and can be built and evolved quickly and flexibly.

Anzo UIA solutions are made possible by turning data into smart data, by leveraging semantic technology standards. Anzo combines semantic technology with a modern, enterprise-class services-oriented and event-driven architecture. You can learn more about any of these aspects of Anzo's technology:

  • Unified Information Access — aggregate and integrate any structured and unstructured data sources as needed for specific uses
  • Anzo Architecture — a scalable and extensible enterprise-class SOA/EOA architecture
  • Smart Data — data thats more flexible, understandable, universal, and reusable