Anzo Smart Data Platform

Anzo Smart Data Platform

Anzo Smart Data Platform®

The Anzo Smart Data Platform is a semantics standards based set of software and tools combined with a modern, enterprise-class services oriented and event driven architecture. This platform sets the foundation for building and deploying Smart Data solutions.  These solutions are tailored to specific business purposes, focus on end-user self-service, deal with any data from anywhere, and can be built and evolved quickly and flexibly.

Anzo Smart Data solutions are made possible by turning data into Smart Data, by leveraging industry-defined semantic models or company-defined models to link and manage diverse data. The semantic models are graph models. They allow for the data to be linked by business concepts and allow for the metadata to travel with the data.

The Anzo Smart Data Platform was built for easy integration and use of third party software modules to provide additional value-add capabilities. Cambridge Semantics™ has already integrated software modules from a variety of vendors and partners to allow for improved crawling, analytics, text processing, machine learning and language translation. Enterprises can use these modules to improve their analytics and data processing.

You can learn more about any of these aspects of Anzo's technology:
  • Smart Data - data that is more flexible, understandable, universal, and reusable
  • Smart Data Access - aggregate and integrate any structured and unstructured data sources as needed for specific uses
  • Anzo Smart Data Architecture - a scalable and extensible enterprise-class SOA/EOA architecture