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Competitive Intelligence for Pharma

The Anzo Pharma Competitive Intelligence Solution Accelerator makes it easy to route targeted information to the right people at the right time from the right sources. These solutions are being used by R&D CI teams, business development and sourcing teams, marketing groups, and knowledge management teams to proactively deliver up-to-date and relevant information from desired information channels. The Anzo Pharma CI Solution Accelerator is far more flexible and extensible and can be up and running in a fraction of the time of other approaches.

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Capabilities of Anzo Pharma CI solutions include:

Data Crawling and Access. Combine and harmonize information from many disparate information sources, such as:

  • Web content, including journal articles, press releases, news coverage, & social media
  • Subscription databases, such as Thomson Reuters Cortellis
  • Internal scientific databases (e.g. compounds, pathways)
  • Internal business databases (e.g. licensing, sourcing)
  • Spreadsheets, emails, and other ad-hoc sources of information

Tailored Text Analysis. Extract information from unstructured text sources with analysis that is customized for and tailored to the source of the content, the domain of the information, and the information that you want to get out of it.

Data Enrichment and Integration. Tie together information from internal databases with up-to-the-minute information from public sources for a single, cohesive view of the key companies, compounds, development programs, drugs, and other key entities that drive your decisions.

Proactive Monitoring. Personalized, proactive alerts for new compounds in development, key changes in existing development programs, or any other criteria customized by keyword or concept.

Search and Discovery. Give stakeholders customized one-stop dashboards to search, browse, and analyze everything that is known about CI entities such as drugs, trials, IP, or market events.

Information Dissemination. Allow business analysts to use rules & workflows to aggregate competitive intelligence information, curate it, customize and personalize it, and disseminate it on an on-going basis.

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