Scientific Data Discovery

Life Sciences companies are facing a data deluge, with vast amounts of disparate data in different formats generated along the R&D pipeline.

In the push to develop safer medicines sooner, researchers and business users need to be able to exploit the totality of their enterprise data assets, no matter where the data is held, or in what format.

For example: Quickly investigating and responding to the detection of a contaminate in a downstream production run of a pre-clinical biosimilar candidate requires rapid access to analytical data, sample provenance and location data, scale-up process documentation, and instrumentation calibration status. However, rapid access is impossible with traditional tools, which require you to search across disparate data and then stitch answers together. Not only will this likely take days or weeks, thereby delaying the crucial next step in the R&D pipeline, but it is an inefficient and often inaccurate process.

Anzo Smart Data Lake solves these problems by automatically creating a semantic layer that understands the meaning and relationships of all data in any format, and enables rapid, on-demand access to answers of both scientific and business questions. Anzo supports smarter and faster decisions for better insight.


With Anzo You Can:

Put Content in Context

Understand the meaning and relationships of all the data in any format, and enable rapid, on-demand access to answer scientific and business questions and support smarter and faster decisions for better insight

Drive Medical Breakthroughs

Research small molecules, biologic therapeutic agents, and investigate  translational and precision approaches to drive innovation in your organization

Achieve Faster and More Accurate Discovery

Flexibly search, navigate, correlate, and analyze all enterprise data assets, locked away in ELNs, LIMS, medical records, clinical trial data, spreadsheets, Word documents, PDF files, and enterprise applications

Develop Safer Medicines Faster

Exploit the totality of your enterprise data assets  to locate and understand all data in order to answer crucial questions and support key decisions