Clinical Data Standards Mangement

Cambridge Semantics’ Anzo Smart Data Lake® (ASDL) provides a fundamentally superior approach to managing your data with ease. It is the only knowledge graph-based solution for automating clinical data standards management available in the marketplace today. ASDL provides a highly-flexible platform that allows organizations to easily adopt and use metadata standards from various standards groups (e.g. CDISC. org,, and integrate these standards with their internal processes, systems, and partners.

An ASDL-based solution provides the flexibility to make changes “on the fly” at every step in the clinical development process–even from downstream applications–without duplicating data, while enforcing strict governance and change management processes, and preserving all data lineage and provenance information.



With Anzo You Can:

Dramatically Shorten Implementation Times

ASDL enables shorter implementation and deployment times - 3-4 months, as opposed to the 12-24 months it takes with other approaches - due to its powerful graph-based architecture

Simplify and Ensure Regulatory Compliance

CDISC standards form the basis of ASDL-based clinical data standards management implementations, ensuring compliance with federal and international regulatory mandates

Automate Standards Updates

New versions of data standards are automatic and curator-driven to update existing mappings, and cascades associated changes to end-to-end data models and downstream clinical systems

Maintain a Flexible Approach

ASDL accommodates changes throughout the entire clinical lifecycle, harmonizing all system changes and maintaining a “single version of the truth” while enforcing strict governance