The need to exchange data between all healthcare personnel, from patients to researchers to healthcare clinicians to regulators, is at an all-time high due to Healthcare’s relatively recent transformation into a digital-heavy industry. The exchange of such massive amounts of information can be both taxing and inaccurate.

Making sense of this data proves to be another equally burdensome challenge, particularly when people from different sectors of the industry want to communicate. Not only does Anzo solve both of these problems, but it also allows for data to be collected from trusted outside sources, including payers, genomic research centres, public health databases, biobanks, and social media feeds.


“Anzo Smart Data Lake”

Read this whitepaper to learn how the Anzo Smart Data Lake solves these problems by disrupting the way IT and businesses alike manage and analyze data at enterprise scale with unprecedented flexibility, insight and speed.

With Anzo You Can:

Automate Mapping Between Industry Standards

Establish processes for harmonizing data expressed, and use these results for clinical decision support, research, billing quality, optimization, and more.

Unify Cross-functional Clinical Research

Support clinical research by fusing conflicting operational and clinical data such as study protocols, treatment plans, laboratory results, demographics, and personnel data.

Improve Public Health Policy

Organize data from a wide variety of clinical sources and in a wide variety of formats, and aggregate healthcare statistics in support of evolving public health policy decision-making.

Identify New Opportunities

Combine data, applications, and analytics in a meaningful way to improve health management, value-based care, and patient-centered medical homes.


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