Governance Information Management

Promotes service reuse, composition, documentation, support and evolution within your SOA/ESB infrastructure.

Service-oriented Architecture (SOA) delivers value to organizations by enabling real-time data integration across disparate systems. As SOA environments grow, the complex web of point-to-point service and application integrations can become challenging to manage. Anzo can capture service mapping and interface definitions in a semantic repository, providing robust documentation, promoting service reuse, and improving supportability.

  • Key Benefits
  • Use Cases
  • Capabilities
  • Promote service reuse by making services easier to discover and understand
  • Streamline deployment of new and updated services via automation and impact analysis
  • Ensure high-quality services via governance and approval work flows
  • Prioritize investments in your service infrastructure via performance and usage analysis
  • A leading retailer uses Anzo to manage and govern thousands of service definitions and interface control documents across their SOA landscape. 
  • Excel-based mapping interface that captures granular service transformations based on flexible canonical models
  • Operational interface definition work flow that enforces compliance as services are created and streamlines the approval process
  • Easy to find and use mapping and interface control documents (ICDs) as a result of searchable semantic canonical model repositories
  • Customizable views of repository for performance and change impact analysis
  • Full change-control history
  • Leverages the Open Group's SOA Ontology technical standard
  • Use the Anzo SOA Governance solution upstream of complementary ESB products like SoftwareAG's Centrasite or IBM's WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus and WebSphere Service Registry and Repository to better understand & manage the collaborative process of designing and reusing SOA interfaces and mappings