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Compliance Information Management

Today's regulatory environment is in constant flux, and financial institutions need processes and tools that can quickly bring together any relevant compliance information to address the often unanticipated needs of regulators, executives, and compliance officers. Cambridge Semantics' Compliance Information Management Solutions are rapidly customized to provide unparalleled user-self service capabilities along with the ability to automate, systematize, and integrate existing compliance data and processes.  With these solutions, financial institutions can easily address changing compliance and enforcements needs including:

  •  Monitoring Regulatory Information Sources: Monitor unstructured and structured sources including websites, RSS feeds, data services and databases for new and updated rules and regulations.
  •  Policy & Procedure Management & Dissemination: Collaboratively draft, review, customize, and publish procedure manuals, policy documents and business conduct guidelines to business units throughout your company. Frequently update your employee populations with only those policy changes that directly affect them.
  •  Control Management: Manage the control documents describing what is necessary to enforce policy at different areas and levels of the business and what reports are needed to ascertain compliance. Link control documentation to relevant policy documents and compliance report dashboards for holistic reporting across an organization.
  •  Compliance Program Dashboards: Produce up-to-date online compliance dashboards for executives and compliance team members with a complete, interlinked picture on the state of compliance across your enterprise. Use simple visual indicators and drill-downs to locate and understand problem areas. Include information on compliance program issues, licensing, trade reporting, compliance project information and status, rules and policy changes, executive risk reports, and more.
  •  Compliance Reporting: Generate reports on any aspect of the compliance lifecycle, including operational risk, control evaluation, and test and audit reports.
  •  Compliance Project Management: Compliance project documentation and scheduling.

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