Anzo Solutions

Anzo Smart Data solutions build on common conceptual models to let users integrate, discover, search, analyze, visualize, and curate data from any structured or unstructured source.

Anzo is used across industries by IT and business groups alike anywhere rapid data integration, flexible analytics, user self-service, and unified access to structured and unstructured data are needed to drive business efficiency and competitive advantage.

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Smart Data Analytics Solution for Business Groups

Anzo combines the flexibility of an underlying graph database with tools that make it easy for anyone to add new data on the fly and with powerful user-driven text, graph, and Big Data analytics. The result? Timely decisions informed by quality data from diverse sources for solutions such as:

  • Customer 360
  • Enterprise 360 Search & Analytics
  • Executive KPI Dashboards
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Compliance Surveillance
  • Big Data Data Lakes
  • ...and many more

Smart Enterprise Data Management Solutions for IT

Smart Enterprise Data Management (Smart EDM) is a new, sensible paradigm for managing enterprise data via common, conceptual models. Anzo Smart EDM solutions use common, conceptual models to directly drive data integration, data services, SOA governance, and more. 

Anzo Smart Data Integration is our leading example of Smart EDM — dramatically increasing the speed of completing high-quality, governed data integration projects.

You can also learn more about other examples of Anzo Smart Enterprise Data Management solutions.

Industry Solutions

Cambridge Semantics also offers dedicated industry solutions for the financial services or life sciences industries in areas ranging from Insider Trading Surveillance to Know Your Customer and from Pharmacovigilance to Drug Repositioning and Pharma Business Development.