Workflow Management System

Workflow Management System

  • Create both formal and ad hoc workflows directly from your dashboards
  • Drive workflow decisions with data virtualized from databases, spreadsheets, emails, or any other source
  • Monitor your workflows with the same easy-to-use visualizations and analytics with which you monitor your data
  • Manage workflows involving approvals, automated processing, data governance, distributed tasks, and any other structured business processes

Manage Structured & Unstructured Workflows in One System

Anzo includes a cutting-edge workflow management system that ties your data directly to your business processes. There's no longer any need to separate workflow management from business intelligence and data analysis, or to separate repeated, formal business processes from one-time, ad hoc activities.

Anzo lets users create new workflows from the same dashboards that they use to visualize and analyze information that's been virtualized from data sources throughout and beyond the enterprise. Workflows can be started manually, can run on a schedule, or can be tied directly to Anzo's data monitors so that a flow is started automatically under the right conditions.

Each step of a workflow in Anzo has access to all of the data that's already been connected to the information fabric. There's no need to build a whole new set of connectors to bring data into the workflow engine: it's already there. You also get more visibility into your workflows than ever before, as you can visualize and report on not only the flows themselves, but also the data that the flows are acting on.

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