Semantic Web Platform

Semantic Web Platform

  • Semantics makes it possible—Anzo makes it easy
  • Leverage the flexibility of a true enterprise Semantic Web platform
  • Supports all of the core W3C Semantic Web standards
  • Easily and quickly consume and publish linked data
  • Build and share conceptual ontologies to model your business

Semantic Web Technology Standards & Promise

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)'s Semantic Web standards—primarily RDF, OWL, and SPARQL—provide revolutionary flexibility for linking data together, reasoning over it, federating it, and querying it. Anzo is a leading Semantic Web platform for the enterprise.

At its core, Anzo includes a scalable, full-featured RDF database. All data in Anzo is organized into named graphs: named graphs can be secured, versioned, and replicated. Developers can manipulate the data using Semantic Web APIs in Java, .NET, and JavaScript. All of the data linked to Anzo is modeled using OWL ontologies, can be published as Linked Data, and rendered in web dashboards using RDFa.

Anzo offers extensive support for SPARQL for working with any structured or unstructured data linked into the platform. Data can be accessed via SPARQL 1.1 queries on the command line or via a standard SPARQL Protocol endpoint, and you can use SPARQL 1.1 Update for bulk updates. Anzo provides a large library of extension SPARQL functions that gives query authors a great deal of expressivity to access and manipulate the data. You can use SPARQL to define rules that reason over your data and infer new data automatically.

Next Steps

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