Rules Engine

Rules Engine

  • Monitor data across your enterprise and automatically send alerts, invoke services, or start workflows
  • Deploy rules that automatically sort through and classify your data based on business criteria
  • Create rules directly from your dashboards for your personal use
  • Easily design rules that act on data regardless of source system or format

Let Anzo Monitor Your Business

You cannot pay attention to everything. There is simply too much happening, too fast, in too many places for you to stay up to speed on every last detail of your job.

That's where a good Rules Engine come in.

By creating data-driven rules to watch your business for you, it frees your time up to do things that matter instead of checking and re-checking specific reports. Furthermore, you can create many, many more rules and alerts than you could possibly manage on your own without automated assistance.

For example:

  • If you're a VP of Finance, create a simple rule that alerts you if a new vendor is added anywhere in your business with payment terms of < NET-15.
  • If you run an enterprise service bus (ESB), have a rule watch for interface conflicts as developers make changes.
  • If you're in medical device manufacturing, create hundreds of rules over time that monitor every step of your pipeline.

Anzo includes a powerful rules engine that can look across the information fabric and automatically take actions, start workflows, or infer new data based on arbitrarily complex and frequently changing business rules.

Next Steps

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