Role Based Access Control

Role Based Access Control

  • Flexible, role-based access control
  • Protect data at the individual cell level
  • Enforce dynamic security policies using arbitrary business logic
  • Integrate with policies from multiple LDAP and Active Directory Servers
  • Significant reduction in maintenance compared to traditional tools

Declarative, Flexible Security Policies

Anzo's role-based access control system allows your data to be secured with the same flexibility with which you can virtualize, analyze, and operationalize the data.

Data in Anzo can be protected at various levels of granularity, depending on your application. Entire data sets can share an access control policy defined in terms of user's roles, and by pulling those roles from your company's directory server, Anzo eliminates any maintenance of the security policies whenever new employees come on board or employees change job function.

Alternatively, Anzo lets you define fine-grained security policies that control who can access individual pieces of data based on the content of the data itself. For example:

  • Only regional production managers can see the efficiency data for their territories
  • Only senior directors can view the details of customers who spend over $10,000 a year on certain classes of merchandise
  • A finance director can share only one column of her quarterly report, keeping the rest private

And because Anzo can virtualize structured and unstructured data throughout an enterprise, the possibilities for sophisticated security policies are practically endless.

Next Steps

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