Information Management System

Information Management System

  • Combine together the right data at the right time, regardless of source format or location
  • Manage carefully curated, "official" information together with ad hoc, user data seamlessly, in one place
  • Quickly and incrementally link in new data sources, for ongoing—or even one time—use
  • Create personalized views of information tailored to specific roles and tasks

Structured, Unstructured, Web, Social—
Anzo Combines it All

At its core, Anzo is an information management system that brings unprecedented agility to the challenge of finding and integrating the right data at the right time.

In today's world, it's not enough to catalog the 10 things you know that you need right now and build a solution around them. The rise of big data, global networks of supply chain partners, fine-grained customer outreach initiatives, unpredictable regulatory environments, and widely available public data on the Web mean that you never know today what you'll need tomorrow. Adding to the uncertainty is the diversity of locations in which key business data resides.

The only way to remain competitive is with a system that can change as rapidly as the business environment demands.

Anzo's information management system is built on the revolutionary flexibility of Semantic Web technologies. With Anzo, you can easily virtualize data from a wide range of data sources, including:

  • Structured enterprise sources such as departmental databases or corporate ERP
  • Semi-structured desktop data such as Microsoft Excel spreadsheets or public web data
  • Unstructured information sources such as emails, Word documents, or blogs and twitter feeds

New data and data sources can be linked into Anzo incrementally, and often in an afternoon. And because information management with Anzo is not limited to traditional corporate data sources, it's easy to include data from your partners, data from your customers, and public data from the web. The result is a rich and agile information fabric that can be expanded as needed and used to bring you the right data regardless of what your challenge is on any given day.

Next Steps

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