Excel Formulas

Excel Formulas

  • Use regular Excel functions and formulas to accomplish just about anything
  • Calculate new values automatically when integrating data from spreadsheets and databases
  • Define dynamic data elements that are computed based on the other data elements
  • Express arbitrarily sophisticated analytics within web dashboards
  • Evaluate "what-if" scenarios by substituting computed values for actual data values

Minimal Training, Maximum Effect

Excel is everywhere, and anyone who's used Excel knows how to write Excel formulas. So why would you want to take a training class in some proprietary analytics language just to be able to calculate a few values when collecting and reporting on data?

With Anzo, you don't have to. Anzo supports the same exact Excel formulas and functions that you've been using for years, and lets you use them all over the place. You can use them to transform data that you're bringing into Anzo from databases or spreadsheets; you can use them to automatically calculate new data attributes from existing data; and you can use them to create dynamic tables and charts in your web dashboards based on computed data.

Don't waste your time learning new functions. Don't waste your time learning a new way to write formulas. Use Anzo, and spend your time on more important things.

Next Steps

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