Excel Data Analysis

  • Create beautiful web-based reports using data from multiple Excel spreadsheets and databases
  • Build and publish dynamic web dashboards in minutes, without requiring IT assistance
  • Analyze data with a tool you already know—regular Excel formulas
  • All data in your dashboards is kept in sync so you always have the latest information

Web Dashboards That Do Much More

Looking to do some serious analysis of data scattered across Excel spreadsheets? Anzo web dashboards give you everything you'd expect from a state-of-the-art business reporting tool, and much more. Like most reporting tools, Anzo lets non-technical users create new tables, charts, and drill-downs in minutes. You can also choose from eight different types of filters to quickly narrow down your data to what's most relevant to you.

Unlike other tools, Anzo dashboards are designed primarily for ease of use. Anzo supports data analysis via regular Excel formulas: there's no need to take a training class in some proprietary analytics language. Your dashboards can contain arbitrarily sophisticated calculations based on the same Excel formulas and functions you've been using for years.

Also unlike other tools, Anzo dashboards are not only for reporting. You can edit pieces of data directly from within tables in the dashboard. You can quickly harmonize and clean your data by editing many incorrect values with a single click. And you can also create and extend web-based data entry forms on the fly to collect new data and update existing data.

Next Steps

Watch the video to see Anzo web dashboards in action!