Excel Collaboration

  • Synchronize data across spreadsheets and the Web in real-time
  • Stop juggling spreadsheets with colleagues via email or network drives
  • Share only what you want, and keep the rest to yourself
  • Build web dashboards that are instantly updated whenever data from any source spreadsheet is updated.
  • Change spreadsheets and add new data as needed without worry

Where's the Latest Spreadsheet?

Do you regularly email spreadsheets back and forth with your colleagues? Do you take turns editing a spreadsheet on a shared drive, waiting for someone else to finish their work so that you can make your changes? Do you often find yourself asking which of 10 versions of a spreadsheet is the most recent version? Is Excel collaboration just more tedious than it should be?

Anzo's plug-in for Microsoft Excel connects together your spreadsheets so that they always have the most up-to-date data. Anzo ensures that any information that you choose to share is immediately visible to your colleagues, either in their spreadsheets or in web dashboards. And Anzo's ease of use means that you can take an existing spreadsheet and turn it into a collaborative, synchronized spreadsheet in just a matter of minutes.

Next Steps

Watch the video to see Anzo in action!