Easy Data Integration

Easy Data Integration

  • Bridge the gap between databases and spreadsheets
  • Visually configure SQL queries or type them in yourself
  • Quickly include database information in any spreadsheetaand automatically keep it up-to-date
  • Easily share your integrated data with your colleaguesanever create another Access silo

Combine Spreadsheets and Databases with Anzo Connect

Anzo includes Anzo Connect, a quick way to tie together your spreadsheets with information from any databases you work with.

Normally, databases and spreadsheets live in separate worlds. Your corporate or departmental databases are managed by IT, carefully curated, and rarely change. Your spreadsheets live on your computer, on a file share, or in SharePoint, are managed by you and your colleagues, contain whatever data you need to do your job today, and change all the time.

Yet you use information from both spreadsheets and databases together all the time to do your job. This usually means that you juggle a database program with Excel to export some information from the database into a spreadsheet and then manually combine the data within Excel. And if you're relying on information from multiple databases or multiple spreadsheets, the tedious and error-prone process becomes worse and worse. This is not easy data integration.

Anzo Connect changes all this. Now you can connect to any database you work with, choose the data you want from that database, and link it together with your spreadsheet data. With Anzo, there's no need for a DBA to design a data warehouse or a data mart: any Excel power user or data analyst can use Anzo Connect to quickly integrate database data and spreadsheet data.

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