Database Replication

Database Replication

  • Combine the flexibility and ease of use of Anzo with best-in-class SQL-based tools
  • Replicate virtualized data with a relational database
  • Automatically generate an optimized database for any data set you work with
  • Watch your database update automatically when you make changes to your data model in Anzo
  • Leverage your existing investments in reporting and analytics tools designed for relational databases

The Flexibility of Semantics, the Familiarity of an RDBMS

With Anzo's database replication capability, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Anzo provides a bevy of self-service web and Excel-based dashboard and reporting options. But chances are, your business also invests in other reporting and data analysis tools as well. And while Anzo's information management system provides unprecedented flexibility in bringing together structured and unstructured data from inside and outside your enterprise, most existing reporting tools are built to connect to relational databases that lack this flexibility.

That's where database replication comes in. Using the relational database server of your choice, Anzo will automatically create a new database and populate it with whatever data you choose. When data is added, removed, or updated in Anzo, the changes are immediately synchronized to the relational database. And database replication in Anzo doesn't limit the flexibility you have. If you bring in a new data source, change your data model, add new data via Anzo's rules engine, or make any other change to the data that's linked to Anzo, Anzo will automatically alter or recreate the relational database to reflect the changes.

Next Steps

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