Data Virtualization

Data Virtualization

  • Virtualize data from any source--structured or unstructured--into a unified information fabric
  • Go beyond the firewall and link together information from supply-chain partners, customers, and public websites
  • Link together data incrementally--no need to define your entire information needs upfront
  • Maintain two-way, up-to-date connectivity with enterprise and personal data sources

Virtualize All Data—Structured & Unstructured

Anzo connects information together with data virtualization to flexibly weave an information fabric that brings together data across your enterprise and beyond your firewall.

In today's enterprise, almost every new report involves a new data integration project. And while enlisting IT to connect a new data source to a project is understandable, the fact that IT has to re-connect the exact same databases time and time again for each new view the business requires is not sustainable. Exploratory what-if analysis and ad hoc report generation are often prohibitively expensive or impractical, so users fall back on Excel instead, and go to IT only for the Really Big Projects with air-tight business cases.

The concept of an information fabric means that information in databases, enterprise applications, spreadsheets, emails, partner's systems and public information sources can all be described semantically and linked together as virtual data. SOA and ESB projects have promised to deliver this transformative capability in the past, but have fallen short because of their reliance on structurally based data integration.

Anzo's information management system overcomes this via semantic data virtualization, which brings you two key benefits:

  • Reach. For the first time, subject matter experts can self-service much of the data management and report generating capabilities previously in IT's hands, dramatically decreasing time to production for new reports and freeing IT to focus on more valuable governance and security activities.
  • Flexibility. The system quickly adapts to changes in your business, easily including new or changed systems, kinds of information, views on data, and reports. Flexibility comes from making it radically easier for both IT and business users to discover and reuse all of an organization's data sources.


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