Data Collection Tools

  • Streamline ad hoc data collection and reporting with Excel, without the hassles of email or copy & paste
  • Ensure high-quality, complete data via automated data validation
  • Create forms that are automatically filled in with data relevant to each user
  • All data in all spreadsheets is kept in sync so you always have the latest information

Easily Collect High Quality Data From Your Colleagues Using Excel

Anzo turns Excel spreadsheets into potent data collection tools to collect any data you need.

Without Anzo, you'd send out a spreadsheet to hundreds of colleagues, they'd fill out the spreadsheets, and then they'd email them back to you. Then comes the fun part: you spend weeks chasing down non-responders, emailing back and forth with people who didn't fill out the spreadsheet correctly, and copy & pasting information into a consolidated spreadsheet to build reports. Turns out that Excel's great for its flexibility, but not so much for collecting high quality data in a timely manner.

Anzo's data collection forms fix all this. Now, when you send out a spreadsheet to your colleagues, they can only send back their data once it is complete and validaaccording to whatever criteria you setup. Instead of emailing the completed forms back, they simply press a "Submit" button which automatically aggregates their answers into your spreadsheet reports and web dashboards. And the best part is that you can setup a data collection form with Anzo in just minutes, which means you can collect and analyze more data than ever before with less work.

Next Steps

Watch the video to see Anzo data collection forms in action!