Anzo Unstructured

Anzo Unstructured

Capitalize Upon Unstructured Data for Smart Data Analytics® and Smart Data Management®

Anzo® Unstructured is an add-on module to Anzo Enterprise that delivers a wide range of out-of-the-box crawling, annotating, and processing capabilities to analyze, link and unify a wide variety of internal and external unstructured data sources, for advanced analytics and smart data management. With Anzo, unstructured data can be easily blended with structured data from internal and external sources to allow users to conduct a wide variety of analytics and data management on the integrated data.

See the charts below to learn more about what capabilities are delivered either right out of the box, or by selecting additional plugins from our 3rd party technology partners.



Cambridge Semantics offers a robust approach to unlocking the hidden wealth of information contained within unstructured data, so that organizations process unstructured data with the same quality and reproducibility as structured data to provide reliable analytics and data management.

Anzo Unstructured Highlights


Premium Plugins

Advanced Text Analytics



Autotags Entities, Relationships, Concepts, Categories and Sentiment



Autocombines Structured and Unstructured Information



Conceptual Mapping of Enterprise Documents



Multilingual Support



Granular Access Controls



Integrated Curation Support



Parallelized Document Analysis Pipelining



Seamless Integration with Best-of-Breed Applications




With Anzo Unstructured we offer a full stack of plug and play, best of breed text analytics and NLP capabilities that are easily updated, maintained and deployed to address multiple use cases. Powered by the Anzo Smart Data Platform®, Anzo Unstructured scales with your data volume while providing real time analytic capabilities.

Anzo Unstructured Framework


Premium Plugins

Support of Pushed and Pulled Documents, Pages, and Posts



Document Rich Text, Thumbnail and Metadata Extraction



Semantic Correspondence Linker



Entity Linking and Disambiguation



Document Canonicalization



Annotation Filtering



Generalized Annotation Web Service



Annotation Harmonization



Annotation Restructuring



Annotation Combination



Enterprise-Specific Concept-Based Relationships



Semantic Query Enrichment



Relationship Compounding



Learns Schema from Data



Automatic Ontology Mapping



Automatic Schema Growth



Visualize and Navigate Annotations in Context



Document Formatting



Assisted Reading Support



Curation Workflow Support



Accuracy Reporting Support



Flexible NLP Output Routing



Powerful SDK and API's




Traditional search is no longer good enough to help organizations leverage their data for optimal business value. Rather than just finding information, wouldn’t it be better if search delivered meaning and context to your data, so you can understand what it means? Cambridge Semantics delivers search capabilities that create conceptual links between structured and unstructured data to help deliver real value for your content analytics needs.



Premium Plugins

Full Semantic Search



Concept-Based Full Text Search



Search Documents by Implicit Entity or Relationship Attributes



Mix Structured and Unstructured Filters



Supports both Federated and Centralized Search



Similar Documents Search



External Search Index Federation



Cognitive Computing Search Interface



Natural Language Query Understanding



Automated Question Answering



Optional Support for GSA Integration and Enrichment




The proper tagging, categorization and indexing of data is a crucial element to leveraging unstructured data to uncover data patterns and relationships that can be conceptually linked and mapped to your business terminology, ontology and data models. Cambridge Semantics offers a best of breed capability for combining annotations of different types to deliver unparalleled value for your data.

Automated Document Annotation


Premium Plugins

Taxonomy and Thesauri Annotator



Knowledgebase Annotator



Common Entity Extractor



Custom Relationship Annotator



Significant Phrase Annotator



Fuzzy Rule Network Annotator



Geospatial Annotator



Temporal Annotator



Pattern and Regular Expression Annotator






Document Classifier



Document Clusterer



Document Section Annotator



JAPE Annotator



Hierarchical Web Scraper Annotator



External Data Enricher



UIMA and GATE Annotation Framework Acceleration 



Lexalytics Salience



Basis Technology Rosette Integration



ChemAxon Integration



Linguamatics I2E Integration



SciBite Termite Integration



ExpertSystem Cogito Integration



CliniThink Clix Integration



AlchemyAPI Integration



Semantria Integration



NIH MetaMap Integration



OpenCalais Integration



Additional Annotators via SDK




Anzo Unstructured easily automates the intake of internal and external documents, and web resources in numerous file formats, from a large and diverse data pipeline.

Document Intake


Premium Plugins

Web Crawler



Filesystem Crawler



RSS Feed Crawler



News Crawler



DataSift Crawler and Listener



Twitter Sampling Listener



Enterprise CMS Crawlers



IMAP Server Crawler



Windows Share Crawler



RDF Dataset Crawler



Enterprise DAMS Crawler



PubGet Journal Service Integration 



Google Search Appliance Integration 



Document Listener Web Service



Additional Crawlers via SDK




Anzo Unstructured automates the ability to mine, convert and repurpose text from multiple document types. No need to worry about multiple languages, data duplication, etc.…..we’ve got you covered.

Automated Document Transformation


Premium Plugins

Document Preview Generators



Thumbnail Generators



Google Translate Integration



Near Duplicate Document Detector



Google Language Identifier



Basis Technology Language Identifier



Standard Language Identifier



Klout Integration



Article Content Recognizer



Diffbot Content Recognizer Integration



Office Format Converters



PDF Format Converters



Web Format Converters



XML Format Converters



Additional Transformers via SDK




A key promise of working with unstructured data, is getting the right information, to the right people at the right time. Anzo Unstructured data is built for bi-directional input and output, delivered in a fast and flexible manner that integrates with numerous reporting tools, dashboards, and a variety of content distribution methods.

Unstructured Output Methods


Premium Plugins

Anzo on the Web Dashboards for Mashups and Semantic Search



Assisted Reading View



Dashboards for structured data facets



Semantic Document Overlays



Web Services, Database Feeds, CSV's



Semantic Document Overlays