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Anzo Unstructured

Anzo Unstructured

  • Access all information in one place—regardless of format, structure, or location.
  • Link data in unstructured sources—documents, Web sites, emails, articles, etc.—with structured data.
  • Monitor external data sources for events, status changes, and any other update.

For more details on the features and functionality of Anzo Unstructured, download the data sheet.

Monitor and Analyze All Data, in Any Format

Critical information in any given organization is buried in text. Whether in documents, Web pages, premiere data feeds like Thomson Reuters or Bloomberg, or email, this information does not sit within standard databases and so eludes rigorous analysis, governance, and monitoring.

Anzo Unstructured connects data trapped within unstructured documents with data anywhere else in the enterprise, including traditional, structured databases. Anzo presents a single, unified information access experience for all data, enabling business users to search for and edit data right in Microsoft Excel or in web browsers without requiring IT involvement.

Simply put, Anzo Unstructured enables you to treat unstructured data as rigorously as you do data from traditional structured enterprise data sources.

With Anzo Unstructured, you can:

  • Proactively monitor blogs, news feeds, journals, or any other source for specific information relevant to your business.
  • Create interactive dashboards and reports that combine data from documents and spreadsheets with data from databases.
  • Enrich data from unstructured sources with semantic processing.

Anzo Unstructured is a key component for solutions such as Competitive Intelligence or Compliance Information Management.

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