Anzo Unstructured

Anzo Unstructured

Leverage Unstructured Data to Ask Better Questions and Get Better Answers

Businesses are increasingly relying upon information and advanced analytic capabilities to make smarter and faster decisions at a time when unstructured data represents over 80% of an organization's information. Remarkably, the volume of unstructured data doubles every 90 days!

Anzo® Unstructured is an add-on module to Anzo Enterprise that delivers a wide range of out of the box crawling, annotatng, and processing analyze, link and unify a wide variety of internal and external unstructured data sources, blended with structured data.

Customers can optionally further customize their Anzo Unstructured module by selecting additional plug ins for our 3rd party technology partners in value-add crawling, natural language processing, language translation, semantic reasoning, sentiment analysis and a variety of other areas.

Sample Solutions

Text Analytics

Data Collection and Curation

Unstructured Text Integration

Search and Discovery

Pharma R&D Knowledge Management

Pharma Competitive Intelligence

Compliance Surveillance