Anzo Smart Data Lake

Anzo Smart Data Lake


Enterprise Graph-Based Data Discovery, Analytics and Governance

Anzo Smart Data Lake® (Anzo SDL) uses semantic graph models to link and contextualize diverse enterprise data at scale. The graph models in Anzo SDL provide users with self-service data discovery, analytics and visualization capability across all entities & relationships in the data lake.

The Anzo SDL architecture is built with components of the Anzo Smart Data Platform for end-to-end graph-based data preparation, management, integration, analysis and governance. This component driven architecture allows Anzo SDL to be rapidly deployed and flexibly scaled as data volumes and user business needs grow. Anzo Smart Data Manager servers drive parallelized data ingestion including unstructured data processing. The Anzo Graph Query Engine is a clustered, in-memory query engine for interactive analytics across Anzo SDL.

The Smart Data Lake software is built to fit within your existing IT ecosystem. Though deployable as an end-to-end solution, the Anzo SDL architecture also affords integration with existing Hadoop or other data lake environments. Model-driven governance and access control empower your users to ask questions while retaining trust in the answers for actionable intelligence and insight.

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