Anzo Express Video Tutorials

About this Series

This set of video tutorials is meant to get you going on your first basic Anzo Applications, but is by no means a comprehensive tour of Anzo features. In particular, most of the Anzo Enterprise features—workflow, rules, unstructured data management, two-way database integration, developer SDK, etc.—are not covered.

For additional help, check out the Anzo forums.

Table of Contents

Your FIrst Simple Anzo Application

This 15 minute video will walk you through, step by step, how to start from scratch and build an initial, simple Anzo application. This includes developing a simple ontology, linking a simple spreadsheet, and building a simple Anzo on the Web dashboard.

Note that Anzo on the Web is included in Anzo Express Free Trial but not in the Free Starter Edition. That said, if you are on the Free Starter the entire video except of the dashboard is relevant to you.



Using the Ontology Editor

This tutorial shows how to use the ontology editor to create, import, edit, and export ontologies in Anzo.



Creating a Data Collection Form

This tutorial shows how to create a dynamic data collection form (also known as a Data Collection Template or DCT) using Anzo for Excel.



More Advanced Linking—Cell-oriented Linking

In the previous video tutorials you have seen how to link basic row- and column-oriented spreadsheets. This video shows a more advanced form of linking called cell-oriented linking that is required for a very common form of spreadsheet layout.