Anzo Express

Anzo Express

Anzo® Express is a complete spreadsheet data management solution.

Anzo® enables users to link data from multiple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets in real-time for data collection, collaboration, and reporting. Anzo Express™ also includes a state-of-the-art web dashboard tool so that users can easily share their integrated Microsoft Excel data with their colleagues. Anywhere you have lots of spreadsheets and many people relying on data within those spreadsheets, Anzo can help.

Anzo® Express can be easily upgraded post-deployment to Anzo Enterprise which companies can use to integrate spreadsheet data with data from databases and unstructured sources to create various Smart Data Analytics and Smart Data Management solutions.

Anzo Express includes a trial version of Anzo® Unstructured.

See the Anzo® comparison chart for Anzo Express modules and a comparison of Anzo Express with Anzo Enterprise

Sample Solutions

Case Study

See how Biogen Idec uses Anzo to manage their billion-dollar, spreadsheet-driven supply chain.