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Running your business using Microsoft Excel? Anzo Express is for you.

Anzo Express is a complete spreadsheet data management solution. It enables users to link data from multiple Excel spreadsheets together in real-time for data collection, collaboration, and reporting. Anzo Express also includes a state-of-the-art Web dashboard tool so that you can easily share your integrated Excel data with your colleagues.

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Anzo Express

Anzo Express Use Cases

Here are some examples of how companies are using Anzo for spreadsheet data management:

CRM—Combine all spreadsheet information about your customers across your business into a unified view. In fact we use Anzo at Cambridge Semantics to run our entire company, including CRM

Billing—Let individual team members track their time in simple spreadsheets that automatically keep per-client totals up-to-date and immediately visible in Anzo on the Web reports

Budgeting—Track departmental budgets across project owners and reconcile forecasts with actual spend information from corporate finance databases

Project Management—Track activities across departments inside Excel and easily link together schedules, task lists, issue reports, employee directories, etc.

IT Asset Management—Link together all of the spreadsheets you're using to catalog hardware, software, applications, and other IT assets and provide personalized Web dashboards for stakeholders to consume the integrated data

Anywhere you have lots of spreadsheets and many people relying on data within those spreadsheets Anzo Express can help.

Case Study

See how Biogen Idec use Anzo to manage their billion-dollar, spreadsheet-driven supply chain.

Anzo Express and Anzo Enterprise Edition

Anzo Express is the entry-level version of the Anzo product line, and is focused on spreadsheet data management and Web reporting.

Anzo Enterprise is a complete data management platform built on Semantic Web technologies. It includes everything in Anzo Express plus many, many other features, including relational database connectivity, rules, workflow, Anzo Unstructured, relational replication, SOAP and REST interfaces, programmatic APIs for extensibility, and more.

Anzo Enterprise powers solutions such as Competitive Intelligence, which won Best of Show at Bio-IT World 2012.

Anzo Express and the Semantic Web

For Semantic Web technology enthusiasts, Anzo Express enables you to easily convert any Excel or CSV data to RDF in minutes. You can query your data using SPARQL, and you can publish your data internally or on the Web as Linked Data.


Anzo Express Starter Edition is completely free. It enables spreadsheet data collaboration for up to 3 users, but does not include Anzo on the Web for creating interactive Web dashboards.

Anzo Express is available as a free trial. For production pricing, go here.

Academic pricing is available on request.

Getting Anzo Express

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