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In-Memory Massively Parallel Distributed Graph Database Purpose-built for Analytics

AnzoGraph is an award-winning Graph Online Analytics Processing (GOLAP) Database.

Q: What is GOLAP and how does it differ from other graph databases?

A: Most graph databases are designed for, and excel at, “point” queries and insertions such as finding data on specific entities. That is a Graph Online Transaction Processing (GOLTP) use case.

AnzoGraph is designed for interactive analysis of broad swaths of data, accumulated over weeks or years of transactions, possibly from many disparate GOLTP and other database sources. In other words, GOLAP is designed for finding patterns, trends, anomalies, and other insights and discovery of big data.

AnzoGraph is a massively parallel distributed native graph database built to query and interactively analyze trillions of relationships. AnzoGraph is in production at large enterprise customers using the W3C’s RDF and the associated SPARQL query language, plus over 90 extensions for business intelligence. AnzoGraph (previously described as Anzo Graph Query Engine) has been deployed as an integral component of Anzo Smart Data Lake® supporting enterprise knowledge graphs, drug discovery, pharmacovigilance, fraud analytics, sales analytics, and risk analysis, among many other use cases.

AnzoGraph will also soon be offered as a stand-alone cloud-only offering in the AWS Marketplace for customers looking for a pay-as-you-use license model and direct access by other customer applications. Sign up for the free preview today!


Graph Online Analytical Processing (GOLAP)

Query Interconnected Facts and Relationships at the Speed of Thought

GOLAP is the name we have given to the class of connected data analytics that includes complex queries, often requiring many joins, filters and aggregation. These queries can be similar (although have the potential to be far more complex since we are dealing with far richer data models) to those OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) queries performed today in data warehouses but are now finally also available for connected data analytics too.


Select Benefits

AnzoGraph Is the Most Flexible and Agile Graph Database Available Today

Standards-Based: Tap into a vast network of available products, for data preparation, graph transaction processing, graph visualization, BI, Analytics and Machine Learning that support the standard Graph API’s, query languages and data models supported by AnzoGraph.

  • Storage: Virtually unlimited storage of Graph data in S3/HDFS/NFS
  • Fast Loading: AnzoGraph smashed previous records by more than 110x
  • Distributed: Scales with your needs by distributing graph and query processing over cluster nodes
  • Proven: AnzoGraph technology is deployed by leading Fortune 500 companies across multiple industries


AnzoGraph's Record Setting Results

  • 587 billion triples loaded in 29 minutes and 24 seconds (total load time)
  • 478 billion triples created in 1 hour 16 minutes and 14 seconds (total inference time)
  • Query execution in 14 minutes (total query execution time)
  • Total triples (load and infer) 1.065 trillion triples
  • Total time for loading and querying 1.98 hours (111x faster than prior benchmark)

View our Trillion Triples Benchmark Study


Use Cases

Leverage AnzoGraph to Power Your Business

Enterprise Knowledge Graph
AnzoGraph’s virtually unlimited capacity and real time performance powers Enterprise Knowledge Graphs (EKG) containing all enterprise data — structured, unstructured, internal or external — presented as trillions of interlinked facts made available in any combination, on-demand to approved users. The AnzoGraph powered EKG enables organizations to take advantage of in-memory computing at cloud-scale to bring immediate access and analysis to everyone.

Sample use cases include Anti-Fraud/Money Laundering, Drug Discovery, Regulatory Reporting and Competitive Intelligence.


Select Customers and Sample Awards

Market Leading AnzoGraph Earns Customers and Market Recognition

  • Eli Lilly
  • BMS
  • CreditSuisse
  • Novartis
  • Merck
  • Stevie Awards – Silver Medal for Best New Product
  • Database Trends and Applications Trend Setting Product 2018


AnzoGraph History

Built by the Engineers Behind Netezza and the Technology Behind Amazon Redshift

  • Under development since 2011, The underlying technology is a third generation data analytics engine built by the engineers who built Netezza and the technology behind Amazon Redshift
  • AnzoGraph is deployed at Fortune 100 companies as part of Anzo Smart Data Lake
  • Standards based, using W3C SPARQL with extensions

AnzoGraph Time to Value Differentiators

Semantic Layer and Graph Foundation

Semantic Layer and graph models offer an inherent flexibility, pushing the modeling, integration and analytics decisions closer to the end-user, reducing time to value in dynamic business environments.

In-Memory Speed/Scale

AnzoGraph has horizontally scalable ingestion and query capabilities that channel the power of cloud computing into accelerating value.

On Demand Data Access & Analytics

AnzoGraph make it fast and easy to explore and analyze all of your data, including using your own tool sets and unstructured data.

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