Smart Data Integration Webinar
10 - 10 - 2013
Financial Services Webinar Series

Cambridge Semantics is at the forefront of a new approach to enterprise data integration & management that solves these problems using Semantic technologies.

This new approach can:

• Dramatically lower the time and cost to onboard new customer, vendor & third-party data sources
• Expose full enterprise-wide data provenance necessary for business and regulatory reporting
• Standardize and link data using industry standard data models and terms
• Put highly interactive, business friendly data consumption in the hands of business users 

To learn more, join us on: Oct 10, 2013 2 pm Eastern


Pharma CI Conference 2013
Pharma CI Conference 2013
Pharma CI Conference & Exhibition

Cambridge Semantics, leading provider of smart data solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, today announced its participation in the 2013 Pharma CI Conference & Exposition. Lee Feigenbaum, Vice President of Marketing and Technology for Cambridge Semantics, will present on pharma competitive intelligence (CI) solutions to automate data gathering, investigation and analytics to conference delegates. In addition, Cambridge Semantics is exhibiting at the conference.

Big Data Innovation Summit 2013

Cambridge Semantics, leading provider of Smart Data solutions for companies and enterprises, today announced its participation in the 2013 Big Data Innovation Summit in Boston. Sean Martin, Chief Technology Officer for Cambridge Semantics, will present a workshop, "Big Data + Semantics = Smart Data," where he will discuss how enterprises are combining Big Data with semantic technologies to derive Smart Data solutions that allow both business users and IT groups to combine, analyze and investigate information from diverse internal and external sources of structured and unstructured data.

Linguamatics Text Mining Summit 2012

We'll be attending the fall event of our partner, Linguamatics, to talk about the value of integrating data extracted from unstructured text with Linguamatics I2E with other sources of enterprise structured data using Anzo Unstructured.

KMWorld 2012

Cambridge Semantics is a first-time sponsor of KMWorld in Washington, DC. Come by our booth to learn how Semantic Web technologies enable a new type of Unified Information Applications that link together information from structured, unstructured, and semi-structured sources in flexible, interactive applications tailored to specific business purposes.

Semantic Technology & Business Conference NYC 2012
2012-10-16 and WebMediaBrands

We're proud to be sponsoring the first incarnation of the Semantic Technology & Business Conference to be held in New York City. The conference in NYC will focus on semantic experiences in the pharmaceutical and financial industries, and Cambridge Semantics will be contributing our expertise in both areas:

Stop by our booth to talk about our pharma experience, our finance experience, about Anzo Express, or about Semantic University.

Merck Global Services IT Symposium 2012

Cambridge Semantics is exhibiting at Merck's 2nd annual Global IT Symposium. We'll be talking about our solutions in pharma competitive intelligence, and we'll also be presenting a TED-style talk on how innovative pharma organizations are seeing real value from Semantic Web technologies today.

Pharma CI Conference & Exhibition 2012
Pharma CI Conference & Exhibition 2012

Earlier in 2012 our Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence Solution won the coveted Best of Show Award at Bio-IT World.

We are presenting this solution at the Pharma Competitive Intelligence Conference and Expo in Parsippany, NJ in September.

  • Managing Disparate Data in Competitive Intelligence Solutions: Case Study—co-founder Lee Feigenbaum co-presented with Merck's Mike McGlashen on the need for real-time competitive intelligence to achieve innovation in pharma. The presentation discussed how Merck is leveraging technologies to address competitive intelligence needs and also included a background on semantic technologies and the Cambridge Semantics Pharma Competitive Intelligence Solution.
Text Analytics Summit East 2012

We are proud to be sponsoring Text Analytics Summit East this year, especially given our recent announcement of Anzo Unstructured.

We'll be showing off Anzo Unstructured demos at our booth as well as presenting the capability:

  • Semantics as a Tool for Blending Data—Richard Mallah, the chief architect behind Anzo Unstructured, explains the natural relationship between text analytics and semantic technologies.
  • Technology Insiders' Panel—co-founder and CTO Sean Martin discusses the cutting end technical trends in dealing with unstructured data.
Semantic Tech & Business Conference 2012
Web Media Brands &

As a leader in the semantic technology community, Cambridge Semantics continues to have a big presence at SemTech.

This year, we will be highlighting the growth of Semantic University, promoting a big product launch that will be announced on June 4th, and we'll be presenting on a few key topics:

Stop by Booth #101 for a live demo of Anzo.

Enterprise Data World 2012
Wilshire Conferences

Cambridge Semantics will have a large presence at EDW 2012, including:

Stop by Booth #212 for a live demo of our Competitive Intelligence of Compliance Information Management solutions, both of which combine structured & unstructured data to provide users with a holistic and personalized view of their data.

Bio-IT World 2012
Cambridge Healthtech Institute

Cambridge is proud to sponsor Bio-IT World for the 2nd year in a row.

Our Pharmaceutical Competitive Intelligence Solution is a finalist for Best of Show and is being feature in the New Product Showcase. Rob Gonzalez is presenting the solution on Wednesday, April 25th at 2:45pm.

Live demos of this solution and other Anzo solutions will be shown at Booth #234.

Demystifying Financial Services Semantics

Cambridge Semantics sponsored the 2012 OMG conference Demystifying Financial Services Semantics in New York. The audience included many Chief Data Officers from the world's largest financial institutions.

An excerpt of the conference description from its website:

The Business Need:

Financial services organizations have a language problem. Our world is driven by legal contracts about complex financial instruments and multi-faceted entity relationships - yet we have common business terms that have different meanings, common meanings that use different terms and vague definitions that don't capture critical nuances. This is out of place for an industry that operates in real time, on a global basis, performs intricate analysis across many functions, is required to report to regulators with precision and needs improved efficiency by automating business processes.

In our industry, precision of data matters. Unfortunately, the semantics (terms, business meaning, rules and context) rarely reside and travel along with the data. This results in a never ending process of mapping and way too much manual reconciliation. It makes it hard to perform analytics and feed our models with confidence. It increases the cost of integrating data and automating workflow. This lack of provenance and traceability reduces confidence in our data factors of input, leads to compliance conflicts and increases the cost of doing business. And if we add to the equation the necessity of data comparability to meet the new global regulatory objectives of transparency, systemic risk analysis and financial stability - - we begin to get the true picture of the business value and role of semantics for the financial industry.

SemTech 2011
Several Cambridge Semantics employees have been accepted to present at SemTech 2011, including Ben Szekely, who will build a full data integration applicationafrom scratchafrom relational data sources live in under 5 minutes.
Text Analytics Summit 2011

Vice President of Technology and Client Services, Lee Feigenbaum will be speaking at the 7th Annual Text Analytics Summit in Boston on May 19th, 2011. Feigenbaum will join panelists from the Boston Globe, Eqentia and FirstRain to discuss the role of semantic technology in text analytics.

SIIA NetGain 2011
Software & Information Industry Association
Cambridge Semantics is one of 5 Boston area companies chosen to speak at this year's SIIA NetGain, which focuses on innovation for the B2B content industry.
Bio-IT World 2011
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
On April 12, Steve Kludt will be presenting at Bio-IT World in Boston, MA, on how Semantic Technology and Cloud Computing can be leveraged in Pharma.
Semantic Technology and Cloud Computing Transform Clinical Trial Data Management
Cambridge Healthtech Institute
On February 7th, 2011 Steve Kludt will be presenting at SCOPE in Miami, FL. We will also have a booth with a new software demo ready. Contact us for a conference discount code.
Semantic Web Summit East 2010
The Semantic Web Summit East conference will feature two key speakers from Cambridge Semantics, a provider of semantic technology-powered application development products. Cambridge Semantics' led sessions will focus on how subject matter experts -- not IT departments -- in life science, financial and other industries can realize swift, practical solutions to today's business problems by leveraging the benefits of semantic technology.