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RE: Semantic Web Data Warehousing in the Wild

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This thread was inspired by a post from Greg:
Hi Rob,

I know at some stage SemWebU will get to Semantic DW / BI but is there a chance you could start a discussion thread on that topic now, please?

I want to know if anyone is building a Semantic DW/BI solution, how they plan to, or are, doing it, and specifically how they will handle (if they're even still relevant) things like slowly changing dimensions (3 types), calculated values, roll-ups, relative dates (YTD, MTD, Last-YTD, etc) and a thousand other nagging little questions.

Will some build an "old-fashioned" DW and BI cubes and map them with triples or will they go straight from transactional system to triple and somehow provide required DW / BI functionality? What other architectures are people considering? Data Virtualisation? In memory BI like SQL Server Power View or Excel PowerPivot? Etc, etc.

And finally, if anyone is linking DW / BI measures to unstructured data. Ex linking the $ in a G/L expense account to all invoices, contracts, suppliers, SLA's, email's, etc that provide supporting documentation to explain that $ value.

Just some thoughts, but have a real need.

All the best, @GregLBean 

RE: Semantic Web Data Warehousing in the Wild
4/13/12 2:41 AM as a reply to Rob Gonzalez.
Here are a few interesting resources I've just discovered:

Four Drafts Published by the Government Linked Data Working Group 

Within the above link the second item is:

The RDF Data Cube Vocabulary

And it is worth noting "The Data Cube vocabulary builds upon the core of the SDMX information model" detail of which is here.

The Semantic Web appears to be changing gears; almost as soon as one asks a question an answer appears.