Anzo Baseball Demo

Part 1—Overview and Data Model

This 2 1/2 minute demo describes the problem and introduces the data model, or ontology, that we'll be using in the rest of the video series.



Part 2—Connecting to a Relational Database

This 5 minute video shows how easily Anzo Connect can pull database schema and data from a relational database.



Part 3—Mapping and Loading Relational Database Data into Anzo

In Part 2 we showed how Anzo Connect can be used to connect to and query a relational database. In this video we show how the data from the queries can be mapped to Anzo's semantic model and loaded into the Anzo database for analysis.



Part 4—Using Anzo Unstructured to Map Web Articles to Anzo

In the final video of this series, we use Anzo Unstructured to process unstructured data—articles from the Web in this particular case. Anzo Unstructured pulls information from the unstructured documents and maps that information to the existing structured data so that we can extend our dashboards with new knowledge on the fly.



The Complete Demo in One Video

For those who prefer a single, long video, here it is.