Connectivity Lead

Connectivity Lead

This is foundational engineer of integral aspects of the parallel database engine. It includes multidisciplinary specification and implementation of how the database interacts with other products to facilitate the interaction with optimal performance.

A broad range of experience with C++ and Java is required. Strong written and verbal communication skills and an ability to work with remote engineers at this company or other companies required.

In addition to programming language experience, candidate will be evaluated on meaningful experience with Hadoop, HDFS, relational database systems and non-relational systems such as Cassandra and MongoDb.

The work involves dynamic replication from our complex parallel data system to and from other complex data systems and applications. This includes leveraging and creating high speed ETL mechanisms.

In addition to other data systems, integration to visualization and other end-user facing applications is part of the role(s).

Minimum 5-8 years experience. MSCS degree preferred, but exceptional work experience is an alternative. San Diego or Boston.

About Cambridge Semantics:

Cambridge Semantics Inc. is an industry-leading semantic information management company. Semantic technology is revolutionizing data collaboration & content management within the enterprise and on the Web and is one of the most exciting technological innovations since the advent of the Internet. We are a high-energy, high-tech company that is experiencing rapid growth. Our team comprises some of the world's leading experts in Semantic Web technology.

If you are a motivated, career-oriented individual who is interested in being in on the early stage of a significant opportunity, Cambridge Semantics is the place for you.

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