Featured Customers & Partners

For any situation in which you cannot predict—with 100% certainty—exactly what you'll need next week, next month, next quarter or next year, Anzo gives you the ability to quickly, safely, and cheaply adapt. Using Anzo's flexibility, our customers and parters are building adaptable, unified information applications in many industries and functions.

Life Sciences Customers

Life Sciences companies—such as Merck, Biogen Idec, and Johnson & Johnson—have used Anzo to solve business problems in functions ranging from basic R&D to competitive intelligence. Anzo solutions in the Life Sciences include:

Financial Services Customers

The Financial Services industry suffers from a constantly changing regulatory environment and difficulty in managing volatile data. Our Compliance Information Management Solution enables compliance organizations to adapt to changing requirements as quickly as needed.

Cambridge Semantics Partner Program

Partners including Inovex, Boston Technology Corporation, and ICUBE have delivered solutions on Anzo in industries ranging from the military to food processing.