Anzo Smart Data Management

Anzo Smart Data Management

Anzo Smart Enterprise Data Management® (Anzo Smart EDM) products use vendor neutral, platform independent, business user understandable models to manage and govern data within and across enterprises.

Cambridge Semantics™ is strongly committed to supporting model-based platform independent semantic industry standards currently being adopted by various industry groups. These standards offer application portability and protection of corporate IT investments. They offer a better approach to integrating data from varied sources with standardized terminologies and data relationships.

Anzo Smart EDM uses industry-based models or company defined models to manage enterprise data at the conceptual level—its essential meaning as understood by IT and business people—regardless of how fragmented, incomprehensible, or inconsistently the data is actually stored across or beyond enterprise systems.

Examples of industry models that can be supported by Anzo include:

Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO)

  • Created by industry groups: EDM Council and OMG
  • Foundation for defining financial instruments, business entities, content and dimensions of market data and legal obligation of corporate actions

A set of industry models for clinical research

  • Created by industry group CDISC

Electronic health information standards

  • Created by industry group Health Level Seven International

Insurance industry group standards

  • Created by industry group ACORD



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