Anzo Smart Data Analytics

Anzo Smart Data Analytics

The Anzo Smart Data Platform® is an open platform for building Smart Data Analytics solutions driven by semantic graph technologies.

Smart Data Analyics solutions let users link, integrate, discover, search, analyze, visualize, and curate data from any structured or unstructured source internal or external.

Anzo combines the flexibility of an underlying graph database with tools that make it easy for anyone to add new data on the fly with powerful user-driven text, graph and big data analytics. Anzo Smart Data Analytics solutions can be tailored to specific business purposes, focus on end-user self-service with any data from anywhere, can be built and evolved quickly and flexibly, and handle data at big data scale. Anzo Smart Data solutions allow companies to easily add third-party analytics, machine learning, graph analysis and other tools to provide additional analytics value.

The result? Timely decisions informed by quality data from diverse sources.


  • The Anzo Smart Data Lake Software - enterprise graph-based data discovery, analytics and governance using semantic graph models to link and contextualize diverse enterprise data at scale.

  • Anzo Enterprise is an enterprise class software based on Semantic Web Technologies for Smart Data Management® and advanced Smart Data Analytics®. The out-of-the-box software can be used for data integration, search, analysis, visualization, and interaction.