Earlier this week, Cambridge Semantics VP of Marketing, John Rueter, was interviewed for Analytics Week's publication, 2016 Trends in Big Data: Insights and Action Turn Big Data Small.

Cambridge Semantics CTO, Sean Martin, talks about the premise, the promise, and the potential of a new method for managing big data, the Data Lake.

Cambridge Semantics' VP of Marketing, John Rueter, was recently featured in DataInformed's article discussing the self-service movement taking place in Big Data initiatives.

The adoption of industry standards and more mature platforms will shift big data's focus from IT-driven infrastructure projects to business-driven data solutions.

Cambridge Semantics Managing Director, James LaPointe, was recently featured in this week's...

Ben Szekely of Cambridge Semantics discusses how to avoid three common pitfalls when it comes to implementing data lake solutions in the enterprise. 

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Marty Loughlin talks about new tools that are making it possible for anyone in the enterprise to intuitively "surf" information found in data lakes without specialized analytics skills.

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