he Best of Show Awards offers exhibitors of the Bio-IT World Conference and Expo an exclusive opportunity to distinguish and highlight their esteemed products ranging from an innovative...

Cambridge Semantics' new Competitive Intelligence Solution has been named Best in Show at the 2012 BioIT World Conference...

To the rank-and-file biopharma worker, the Semantic Web can be a confounding technology.

As part of their Semantic University, Cambridge Semantics has published a number of helpful "lessons" covering concepts related to the Semantic Web.

Ventana Research

Being able to navigate across data was the top-ranked business capability in our business analytics benchmark research, but is not well-established in business...

Any data used by a system must have structure of some kind, hence the term "unstructured" falls short of describing much of Big Data. 

Enterprises are struggling to integrate, analyze and take action on data from various sources. 

What does the compliance lifecycle look like at your company? 

Every organization struggles with ongoing tensions between what business users want (easy access to data) and what IT wants (adequate control over that data). 

Cambridge Semantics is flourishing.